Force Delete Windows Server DHCP Failover Relationship

If you've found yourself here then chances are you messed up one of your domain controllers or at least one of your DHCP Servers. I admit I did. More than once. And I'm tired of… Read More

April 20, 2019 5:54 am

Determine Your Upstream DNS Resolver

The following one-liner Bash will output your upstream DNS resolver. You will need to install the whois package for this to work. Akamai is deprecating and succeeding it with so if you have… Read More

April 7, 2019 11:00 am

Android Connect to Microsoft SSTP VPN Free

There is an app available on Adroid called VPN Client Pro which fully supports SSTP VPN and allows you to connect to a Windows Server 2008 - 2019 environment running RRAS. Use the button below… Read More

April 2, 2019 4:52 pm

VMWare vSphere 6.7 ESXTOP Output Garbled

If your VMWare vSphere 6.x environment command output of esxtop looks like a bunch of garbled gibberish (it's actually CSV format), then you need to change the terminal declaration to xterm but don't ask me… Read More

February 28, 2019 7:39 pm

How To Run RoboCopy Backup in Parallel

From time to time Windows Admins will surprise you with band-aid and bubble gum scripts, that's entirely expected I think. But then again with just about the same irregular interval with a touch of entropy… Read More

February 28, 2019 12:20 pm

Windows 10 GodMode – The Ultimate Administrator Shortcut

Have you ever wondered what life might be like if the Windows 10 OS somehow had a single folder that contained shortcuts to every single control panel applet setting (God Mode)? I'm 99% sure you… Read More

February 28, 2019 7:58 am