Hot-add Memory to Linux Guest in VMware

Memory you have hot added in Linux guest virtual machines is not registered using the free or top commands.
This issue occurs when Linux requires manual intervention to expose the newly added memory in the guest. The process is called setting the memory to online.
To resolve this issue, set the memory online in RHEL/CentOS, and Ubuntu/Debian.

Convert x509/PEM SSL Certificate to PFX/P12 from Linux to Windows

OpenSSL is used for many things other than running encryption on a website. It is also used for the generation of CSR keypairs, and more importantly within this article converting.

The Italic parts in the conversions below are examples of you own files, or your own unique naming conventions adapt these Italic name examples to your own files names for openssl commands.
Note: .pem, .cer, crt. are all the same type of x509/pem certificate only with different extensions.

Nginx no “ssl_certificate” is defined in server listening on SSL port while SSL handshaking

Chances are this is not the first website you’ve come to after breaking SSL on your Nginx box, but I promise it will be the last. The problem is actually a very simple one, and the Nginx error log tells you verbatim what is wrong with the config, although nginx -t will yield success. Nginx reads and runs the sites in alphabetical order, therefore this issue can be fixed by finding and fixing the site config which is listening on port 443 and using ssl without any ssl certificate declarations which is causing your site further down the alphabetical line to fail HTTPS. In my case it was a Nginx site config called stub_status.conf causing SSL to fail in even though I did have SSL correctly setup.

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