BitcoinIf you’re into cryptocurrency and Bitcoin like I am, storing the bulk of your digital currency in an offline hardware wallet is a must or else you run the risk of someone cleaning out your “online” account during the few hours of sleep you get if any. I have recently purchased the Ledger Nano S and of course you can get it on ($64 at the time of this writing) and directly from the manufacturer, Ledger. It is so small and lightweight you can walk around with it around your neck or on your keychain in your pocket all day and not notice it. As an added bonus, it can also act as a 2FA (Fido certified) authentication device which I’m using on my gmail account. When I received it, part of the lanyard was freyed so I emailed their support team. Within one hour the CEO of the company emailed me back and let me know he was going to send out a replacement right away. Now that ladies and gentlemen is great customer support. After spending a few hours researching which brand and model was better and blah blah blah, I ended up choosing the Ledger Nano S and from my experience using it, if you know how to replace a hard drive in a computer, you will know how to use this product. If you don’t know much about Bitcoin I highly recommend you listen to a JRE talk hosted by Joe Rogan with guest speaker, computer scientist/bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos.

12/27/2016: After spending a few months with the Ledger Nano S I am still very happy with the device and the rate of continued improvement upon the existing Secure Element platform. I am neither sponsored nor endorsed by the company Ledger. However if they wish to throw some Bitcoin my way…My address is 1KgnN1oA3g1TApzZ4WLsbHy6pswpnxfyMk ☺

Now you can even use the Ledger Nano S with all OTG compatible smartphones such as the Galaxy S7 with the app called Mycelium which is available through the Android Play Store, as long as you have a standard OTG USB cable.


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