Chrome Network Internals and Cache Information

One of the most underutilized and somewhat secret features in the Chrome browser is the built-in net-tools which is accessed by entering chrome://net-internals into your address bar. It will immediately begin to start capturing network data, which you can stop by going to Capture at the top and clicking stop. You are able to see just about every aspect of Chrome’s internals from this page including cache hits and misses. You can even see Chrome’s DNS cache on the DNS screen.

Configure Authoritative Name Server Using BIND on Ubuntu

BIND is the one of the most popular DNS servers used across the Internet. The server can act as an authoritative, recursive, and caching name server and it supports wide range of features.

This tutorial will describe deploying primary and secondary BIND servers as authoritative name servers. This is suitable for public or private name servers, however, internal private name servers will usually include recursive and caching elements for local DNS resolution.

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