Hot-add Memory to Linux Guest in VMware

Memory you have hot added in Linux guest virtual machines is not registered using the free or top commands.
This issue occurs when Linux requires manual intervention to expose the newly added memory in the guest. The process is called setting the memory to online.
To resolve this issue, set the memory online in RHEL/CentOS, and Ubuntu/Debian.

Ubuntu 16.04 Move Docker Root

Shell script to move the Docker Root directory on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial. Get this script on GitHub or download directly.
To use this script simply edit the line /dockerdir_new=’/docker/var/’ to reflect your intended new Docker Root location and chmod +x, then run with ./

How To Use Linux Screen

Linux Screen allows you to:

Use multiple shell windows from a single SSH session.
Keep a shell active even through network disruptions.
Disconnect and re-connect to shell sessions from multiple locations.
Run a long running process without maintaining an active shell session.

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