False Advertisement

Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone – The King Of False Memory Advertisement

Samsung has been brushing me off about their false advertisement of the Galaxy S7 having 32GB of memory. They do not disclose how much space is actually usable to the consumer. There is 4GB minus the Android Operating System and bloatware available to the end user, yet they push 32GB as if the consumer can fit that many running applications within that address space. No other Manufacturer does not disclose this information. HTC One says it right on the front product page. The Google Nexus says it on the specs, yet Samsung has chosen not to. This is strategic false advertisement. If you’re in the smartphone market right now, please hold off on buying any Samsung products.They have not disclosed that the internal memory of the Galaxy S7 has a 4GB internal capacity, 800+MB of which are in use by the Android Operating System. You’re left with roughly 3.3GB of usable user address space which they have not disclosed on their sites. They market the product as having 32GB of memory (ram) whch is clearly not the case. You can think of that 32GB of “memory” as hard drive space, not memory. I’m escalating this to management an expect them to disclose how much memory is actually available for apps to be ran in. I have verified other competitiors websites that do disclose this limitation, but Samsung has strategitcally chosen to leave this out hoping that non-tech savvy people would spend $700+ on their phone. This used to be the case before x64 computers came out, allowing additional address space to be used by user applications. The phone is stuck in the ice age.



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