What is KMSpico?

KMSpico is the best activator for practically all versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. In order to activate the desired product, you simply select it in a drop-down box then click a goofy looking red button. Once you get a response back from the application you will need to reboot then you should verify successful activation. Windows 10 activation is now supported. Home, Pro and Enterprise versions are fully supported.

Activates: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016

Installation Instructions:

  1. Temporary disable your antivirus software. (IMPORTANT! Otherwise KMSPico will be unable to modify Windows Registry entries that activates the Windows/Office)
  2. Download KMSPico
    KMS Pico Activator (212 downloads)
  3. Run KMSPico installer. (If you see Windows Protected Your PC message, click more info and choose Run Anyway option.)
  4. Complete the installation and wait for KMSPico to run automatically.
  5. Press the red button and wait for the success message.
  6. Done!


Windows defender now blocks KMSPico. If you experience this problem, please disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection to download KMSPico!
Version History:
10.2.1 – Major bug fixed.
10.0.9 – Added Office 2016 Activation.
10.0.8 – Added Windows 10 Activation.
10.0.2 – Added Windows 10 Technical Preview Activation
9.2.3 – Added Windows 8.1 Activation
Attention: this software is for educational and testing purposes only
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